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GX Series
GX Series
GX Series is a member of Phcistar G Family products which are mainly designed for indoor rental markets. GX Series provides full front maintenance and cable-less connection between cabinets which makes it more easier to assembly and disassembly the whole screen.LCD monitor will show you main operating parameters of the screen.Most importantly, you can easily get a 16:9 widescreen with GX 9:8 aspect ratio cabinet design.Let's see the details...


9:8 Aspect Ratio

9:8 aspect ratio of cabinet, easy to build a standard 16:9 widescreen


Cable-less connection

Signal and power connectors are integrated, just rotate the knob to connect and dis-connect cabinets.


Excellent Flatness

Small sized module allows high flatness of cabinets   

Full Front Maintenance

Hassle free front maintenance with magnets on module back


LCD Monito

Real time monitoring with LCD screen to show operating parameters.


Fast Lock 

Easy and quick installation with rotary fast lock.




Model GX2.5 GX3 GX4
Pixel Density(pixels/m2) 160,000 111,111 625,000
LED type SMD1010 SMD2020 black
SMD2020 black
Viewing Angle H140°/V140° H140°/V140° H140°/V140°
Brightness(nits) 850 1,500 1,200
Drive mode 1/24 1/15 1/15
Color Depth(bits) 14 16 16
Refresh Rate ≥3,000Hz ≥1,920Hz ≥1,920Hz
Module Size(mm) 240 x 180 240 x 180 240 x 180
Module pixels 94 x 72 80 x 60 60 x 45
Cabinet Size(mm) 480 x 540 480 x 540  480x 540
Cabinet pixels 192 x 216 160 x 180 120 x 135
Cabinet Type and Material Die-Casting Aluminum Die-Casting Aluminum Die-Casting Aluminum
Cabinet Weight (kgs) 8 8 8
Working Voltage 110/220 AC 110/220 AC 110/220 AC
Avg. Power Consumption (W/㎡) 180 297 230
Max. Power Consumption (W/㎡) 540 891 690
Service Access  Front/Rear Front/Rear Front/Rear
IP Grade (Front/Rear) IP40 IP40 IP40
Lifetime ≥100,000H ≥100,000H ≥100,000H
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