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M3.91 stage background for church
Release time:2017-12-22

Do you hear that? Christmas is knocking at the door! What would you suppose is waiting for you outside? 


Fireplace burning bright, shining all on you; Presents underneath the good ol´ Christmas tree; People waiting all night till Santa comes.

Children playing outside like angels in the snow while mom and daddy share a kiss under the mistletoe. 

All these simple things, joy of family,love from heart make it Christmas, a merry Christmas!  

For sure, to all these engaged in LED display industry, Christmas also means a sales boom, billboards announcing Santa’s coming,

stages with brilliant LED displays or party lights and screens for celebration. You’ll realize that LED screens of all sorts, with various
shapes, at different places different countries as well become an indispensable part of this special holiday. 

We are proud that Phcistar also made a contribution to this Christmas and New Year. 


In Nashville USA, M3.91 products was lighted on as a gorgeous background of a grand church stage. Have to say Phcistar M series

remains its popularity in the year of 2017. 88 cabinets consisted totally 3 screens sized at 5m x 1.5m, 7m x 1m and 5m x 1.5m which

stand behind like Santa’s gift, full of brilliance and strong festival atmosphere. 



It was a long story to tell however. Payment items, short delivery time and intense installation period, we all managed to meet the

requirements and provided with perfect solutions. Thanks to our sales for perseverance, thanks to the workers for consistent efforts,

thanks to engineers for professional suggestions and thanks to the company for bringing us together. Most importantly, thanks to the

client, for the trust and also for friendship.

As our sales manager who took this project said, serendipity is from the God, success is from nobody but ourselves. No matter

how tough it was, the client and us made it, thanks to ourselves!   




At last, may the screens bring peace and great joy with people’s prayers and hymns.

Very Merry Christmas ! 

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